Sunday, May 27, 2012

Before sunrise-before sunset

I just cant keep a count on the number of movies I watch-Thanks to whatever technology I am using-right from the internet to the hardisks capable of storing enormous motertrucking data.Having said that I don't even remember the plots of movies I see(well most of them,excluding epic movies off course).You guys might be facing the same pseudo-difficulty of an evolved mind;but who cares.All plots are not meant to be remembered forever.Especially when most of them are based on a principle of mediocrity which sells.These plots always boil down to good-verses-evil and good wins and good prevails.But very few deal with nothingness of life.Why should there be any happiness or sadness or for that matter good or evil,right and wrong in a movie.Cant a movie be made without sensationalizing and exaggerating the mundane normality in our lives? Anyway coming to remembering plots.What is a movie?or cinema?it is a series of photographs neatly tied together in chronological sequence to form a long strip and this strip is wound around an electric motor which rotates at desired rpm.You get the idea?I am not going into further complexities.I don't want to write a text book.Snapshots is the way to deal with the above pseudo problem. These two movies are very close to my aorta.They deal with nothingness and love.
and after a decade.
for the last three images-she says baby you are going to miss that plane. he-says I know..... and she keeps on dancing and curtains fall.....

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